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Financial Institutions

The Financial Institution Suite is a component of Bitt's Digital Currency Management System (DCMS), a production-ready digital currency software that enables financial institutions to pilot their own digital currency and integrate with existing digital currency systems, including CBDCs and stablecoins.

The Financial Institution Suite can be tailored to the unique needs of a country’s economy, and to effectively integrate into the country’s existing financial system. The suite has extensive stock features that are applicable to all financial institutions seeking to deploy in stablecoins. The DCMS also has a powerful enterprise and retail offering for your enterprise and retail clients to manage and transact in digital currencies.

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To build an ecosystem for all stakeholders, you will need the below features:


The DCMS is engineered with modern software techniques to provide a secure, scalable, performant and highly available system. Security is designed-in, to use secure defaults, minimize attack surfaces and provide defense-in-depth. Independent modules allow each component to scale independently of others, allowing automatic adjustment to meet variable demands. Built-in redundancy, load balancing and health checks allow the system to automatically restore failed components, providing a highly available system. Careful attention to information management and storage protect consumer privacy while allowing regulatory bodies access to needed transaction data.


Financial institutions (FIs) can deploy a stablecoin to target market(s) using Bitt DCMS applications, or via Bitt NUMA SDKs and APIs. Bitt equips FIs with all of the tools it requires to securely mint, store, issue, distribute, redeem, and destroy a stablecoin.

Bitt can also provide applications that enable stablecoin transactions for government, merchants, and consumers in a stablecoin pilot scenario and beyond.


  • Digital Currency Operations Manager

    • Currency and payments management eg. between FI and CB, between FI and FI, and between FI and merchant/retail clients
    • Wallet creation for a variety of client types
    • E-commerce management
    • Fee structure configuration
  • Bitt Vault

    • Secure storage and transaction of digital currency and digital asset (private key management)

    • Customized governance structures, and customizable transaction types that require specific approval from defined stakeholders

    • Hardware security modules

    • Customized governance structure

  • AML Compliance Module

    AML compliance eg. KYC and KYB verification, sanctions screening, transactions reporting and monitoring, client investigation, client profile management, etc.


The DCMS can integrate with existing financial infrastructure, including RTGS and ACH networks, core banking systems as well as existing payment processing platforms including bill payment, airtime and topup, remittance, and more.